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We Are Mustangs

Mustangs' Mission


Our mission is to assist in community building through youth track and field involvement.  Our main goal is to exemplify positive role modeling while encouraging/teaching leadership development, sportsmanship, and pride in one's self and community. The Cleveland Mustangs Track and Field Club is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization that was formed as a certified member of the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) by a group of Cleveland residents, coaches, past athletes, and parents. The collaboration of members share and promote a mission to provide sports programming for the purpose of helping youth, ages 6-18. We are determined to encourage our youth to become successful individuals, as well as collective productive citizens within the Greater Cleveland area by paving the way through team commitment.

Mustangs' Goal

Our goal is to promote youth (ages 6-22) health, leadership, as well as individual, team and community pride.

Youth health will be addressed as our athletes are taught the importance of staying drug free and developing healthy habits for building and maintaining fitness.

Leadership development will be implemented as our youth athletes take active roles in sporting practices, health and wellness training, and competitions at the district, regional, and national levels.

As we show the participating athletes the proper techniques in running, throwing, stretching, drills, and game day preparation, they can and will reach  individual and team goals

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